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Elbow balance asana

Find Your Balance

11-day balancing workshop
for Intermediate to Advanced Level

Our balancing workshop is an opportunity to improve your understanding of the concept of balance in yoga. 

Based on an 11-day program led by Himanshu, you'll learn the alignment and anatomy of balancing postures, how to prepare yourself for balance, and how to teach and fix other's balancing postures.

Back in October

Find Your Balance Workshop 
with Japam Yog

October 8th to 19th, 2024.


The program
      ***Subject to changes according to the level of the students present each day.

01 Tuesday

Anatomy, Core building, strength, and Head Balancing I

03 Thursday

Core building, strength, and Head Balancing II

05 Saturday

Leg Balancing II


Rest day!

08 Wednesday

Core building, strength, and Back Balancing 

10 Friday

Balancing Flow II

02 Wednesday

 Leg Balancing I

04 Friday

Core building, strength, and Palm Balancing

06 Sunday

Core building, strength, and Elbow Balancing

07 Tuesday

Core building, strength, and Handstands

09 Thursday

Balancing Flow I

11 Saturday

Teaching a Balancing Class

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