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Back pain

3-day workshop
Back Pain Management

The regular practice of yoga is known to be effective for managing different health conditions.

This workshop is designed to teach the participants how yoga can help with back pain management. Built by a physical therapist and yoga teacher, it contains anatomy classes to understand pain and its causes, postural analysis, yoga practices for pain relief and prevention, and fascial self-relief. 

Yoga therapy workshop with Japam Yog

 June 12th, 13th, 14th, 2024
11:30am - 2pm

What our clients say about it

As a recent participant in the "Back Pain Management Workshop" held by Japam Yoga and Trek in Rishikesh, I am compelled to share my experience. This company, nestled in the tranquil and spiritually-rich environment of Rishikesh, offers a unique blend of yoga and trekking experiences, harmonizing physical activity with mental well-being.

The workshop, specifically designed for back pain management, was led by Sarah, the co-owner of Japam Yoga and Trek. Originally from Canada, Sarah brings a blend of Western professionalism and Eastern wisdom to her teachings. Her approach to managing back pain is not just about physical exercises; it extends into holistic wellness, incorporating elements of yoga philosophy, mindfulness, and lifestyle modifications.

What stood out the most was Sarah's detailed and thorough understanding of back pain issues. Her explanations were clear and informative, making it easy for participants of all levels to grasp the concepts. Each session was well-structured, starting with gentle warm-ups, moving into targeted yoga poses, and concluding with relaxation techniques.

Sarah's professional demeanor was balanced with a warm, approachable personality. She took the time to understand each participant's individual challenges and offered personalized advice, which was greatly appreciated. Her passion for yoga and helping others was evident in every interaction.

The workshop also included practical tips on daily activities, posture corrections, and dietary suggestions to complement the physical practices. This holistic approach was beneficial, as it addressed the root causes of back pain rather than just offering temporary solution.
Japam Yoga and Trek's location is ideal for those seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Overall, my experience with Japam Yoga and Trek, and particularly with the Back Pain Management Workshop led by Sarah, was exceptionally positive. It provided not only relief from back pain but also a deeper understanding of body mechanics and the importance of mental well-being in physical health. I highly recommend this workshop and the company to anyone looking to improve their health in a holistic, nurturing environment.

Arjun Kasana

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