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Bedni Bugyal meadow

Bedni Bugyal

Bedni Bugyal trek is one of India's most impressive meadow treks because of its mountain views on the grandiose Trishul and Nanda Ghunti peaks.

In this trek, you’ll experience the beauty of the Indian Himalayas at its greatest, reaching Ali Bugyal and facing these 7,000- and 6,000-meter summits.

This trek conserves its magnificence almost all year long. In the winter, the meadow is covered with thick snow. The mountain views are the clearest in spring, and the air is still fresh from winter. In summer and autumn, you’ll be welcomed by a vibrant green carpet of fresh grass.

Bedni Bugyal with Japam Treks

July 18th to 23rd, 2024
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House in the mountains


Rishikesh - Lohajung,

Lohajung - Didna,

Didna - Ali Bugyal,

Ali Bugyal - Bedni Bugyal- Gairoli Patal,

Gairoli Patal - Wan - Lohajung,

Lohajung - Rishikesh.

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