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Yoga Therapy

Seeking to help people manage their physical and mental health, the yoga therapy sessions at Japam Yoga are designed to follow your specific needs and provide guidance so that you leave with tools to help you feel better. 

The first session is mostly an assessment of your condition and a collaboration with your therapist. He/she will observe your capacities and guide you through some exercises/practices. 

If you and the therapist judge it necessary, follow-up sessions can be held to progress through a program and, with time, create visible improvements in your condition. 

Our therapists can help with physical conditions or injuries (back pain, sprain, shoulder pain...), mental conditions (PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, depression...), or health conditions (diabetes, pregnancy, respiratory conditions...). 

We have teachers of different backgrounds, and the choice of therapist will be according to your needs. 

Yoga with Props

Individual sessions

Yoga Instructor

Join our one-on-one sessions to work on a specific health condition that you have and learn to manage it using yoga.


The sessions can include a variety of yogic tools, such as asanas, pranayamas, shatkarmas, or meditation and awareness. 

Our therapists all have extensive training in yoga and/or physical therapy. They're actively keeping their knowledge up-to-date with the evolution of research in the fields of medicine and yoga.

The individual sessions cover:

- Yoga Therapy

- Physio-Yoga

- Shatkarmas practices

Our articles about yoga and health

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