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Bhaavanaa Retreat, woman meditating by the Deoriya Tal.

Bhaavanaa Retreat

Our Bhaavanaa retreat is a beautiful opportunity to connect with oneself and our sense of community simply by walking in nature and practicing yoga. 

Happening in a serene complex in the mountains of the lower Himalayas, this retreat is an opportunity for you to disconnect with your routine, unwind, and connect to yourself. It wishes to give you a safe space to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health in a cozy and relaxed ambiance. 

In this 8-day retreat, we will experiment with the basic principles of yoga's physical and mental practices, such as Asana and Pranayama, Yoga Therapy, and Yoga philosophy.

The Yogic exploration will be enriched by the beauty of the Indian Himalayas during an accessible but impressive trek to the Chandrashila summit at sunrise. Not only will you have the chance to be surrounded by stunning landscapes, but you’ll also experience how contact with nature can have a magnificent effect on your physical and mental well-being.

Bhaavanaa Retreat with Japam Yog

November 24th to December 1st, 2024.

Our activities for the retreat


Our Bhaavanaa Retreat incorporates a simple and enjoyable yoga routine to the daily life at the Himalayan River Garden

Each day will start with a Pranayama session followed by a Hatha Yoga class. We'll then share a good and healthy breakfast together and will digest our food while having an open discussion about yoga philosophy

That will be followed by free time to enjoy the complex and do what feels good for you. The interested participants will enjoy a private Yoga Therapy session with our trained teachers to assess a health management subject of their choice. 

After lunch, we'll go for a nature or village walk, and then have our second Hatha Yoga practice

We'll share a dinner in the evening and have some time to discuss all together and create community. 

Yoga during the retreat

Chandrashila trek

The trek to the Chandrashila summit is a 2,5-day experience which will definitely ground and connect you with nature. 

We'll be walking in the midst of the Indian lower Himalayas and discovering a multitude of various landscapes, from a superb alpine lake to a lush forest, and the 3 700m altitude Chandrashila summit at sunrise.

The trek will be enriched by outdoor Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and small Hatha Yoga practices to ground yourself a bit more in the beauty of the Earth. 

**The trek is accessible, but steep. We recommend that our participants are generally active in their day-to-day lives to ensure a pleasant trek. (Get more details on the trek)

Chandrashila Summit at sunrise

Our accommodation for the retreat

Himalayan River Garden

Located in the heart of Mandal Valley, the Himalayan River Garden sits amidst the farmlands, with the river on one side, the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary on the other, and the Himalayan ranges all around.

Within walking distance from us are natural swimming spots, waterfalls, unexplored hiking and trekking routes, and local villages.


It is the perfect place to experience nature in its most pristine form, and rejuvenate and transform ourselves by connecting with the healing energies of Himalayan mountains, rivers, and forests.

Sunset at Himalayan River Garder.
Himalayan River Garden, our stay for the retreat.

The permaculture garden that surrounds the location houses a food forest where flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables grow organically.

The rooms have been built using natural materials like stones and earthbags. We also do our best to reuse everything generated within the premises and encourage our guests to experience and follow the same.

The local community is at the heart of the vision. For this reason, the Himalayan River Garden works with the less privileged locals, particularly women and youth.

The meal's ingredients, such as milk, fruits and vegetables, are sourced from the local villages, besides what is cultivated in locally in the farm.