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Local woman carrying leaves on her head, Chopta-Tungnath trek


Chopta Tungnath trek with Chandrashila and Deoriya Tal is a very varied trek to experience the Gharwal Himalayas.

It is an all-year-round adventure that can lead you to walk the snow trails and live in charming campsites with some of the most scenic backgrounds.

You'll get to visit the stunning Deoriya Tal, an alpine lake reflecting the mountains, and the Tugnath temple. From the top, at sunrise, you'll have a 360° view of the Himalayan mountains, with Chaukhomba peak right in front of you. You'll also have views over the Nanda Devi Peak and the higher Himalayas.

Impressive, diverse, and accessible trek, you will surely be glad you participated.

Chopta-Tungnath with Japam Treks

July 13th to 16th, 2024
October 27th to 30th, 2024  

Other dates in mind? Contact us!

On the way to Chopta


Rishikesh - Sari - Deoriya Tal,

Deoriya Tal - Chopta,

Chopta - Tungnath - Chandrashila - Chopta,

Chopta - Rishikesh

Deoriya Tal

What our clients say about it

You will not regret booking the Chopta/Chandrashila trek with this amazing company. From start to finish , it was just perfect . We were a small group of 6 making the adventure much more enjoyable than if one booked with some of the bigger companies in the area who have 20- 30 people on their treks.

Our guides were absolutely amazing especially Himanshu who looked out for everyone and made sure we were always comfortable. We never got hungry due to the plentiful supplies of food and snacks. The accommodation was much more comfortable than I imagined.

A special shout out also to Sarah, Himanshu’s partner who gave us all the information we needed prior to the trek. She was always very responsive to questions via WhatsApp. I could go on and on and on about how amazing it all was but I will be here all day typing. Thank you!

Ciaran O'Flaherty

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