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How can a yogic approach help you in managing your health?

The yogic approach combines five dimensions and considers the person as a whole. It keeps in mind that diseases or pain can come from many factors and takes care of a person's health differently.

The Yogic model.

Yoga is known to be a way of living that takes charge of the person as a whole.

The yogic system is based on five dimensions:

- the physical body, which comprises physical health and nutrition;

- the energetic body, which includes the breath and the action of the diaphragm;

- the mind, including the emotions and the social participation of a person;

- the intellectual body, or the knowledge;

- and the spiritual body, which is the individual's connection with the soul, or the introspection capacity.

In yoga, it is well known that all of these elements influence each other continually. When all of them are well balanced, a person can be healthy.

On which points should we focus regarding our health?

Whereas the conventional medical system tries to identify a specific cause for a particular diagnosis and focuses very little on prevention, yoga considers that a person's health is an addition of different factors.

According to yoga, medical problems need to be treated by taking care of all these factors instead of only the precise diagnosis.

This way, yoga therapy can provide a wide range of interventions to enhance a person's health. Yoga empowers you to take responsibility for your health.

By focusing on the importance of prevention, it makes you understand that your health can be affected in many different ways and that you have a role to play to stay healthy.

You are a connected whole, you need to work on every element to stay in phase with yourself and your health, and yoga helps you do it.

When do you start..?


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